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"Goals are my North Star. My Compass. The map that guides me along the road I wish to travel."

Quote by Richelle E Goodrich

Overland Adventures for two over fifty adventurers

in an overland prepared vehicle. 

This is a website to record our adventures and trips, pass on our knowledge and hopefully inspire others that they too can get out there and explore the world just like others have inspired us.

We hope you enjoy your visit and welcome any feedback !

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Dave's extensive professional background spans across various sectors, including distinguished service in the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineer and Ships Diver, followed by roles in the Oil/Gas and Merchant Shipping industries as a Service Engineer.

During his tenure in Aberdeen, Dave crossed paths with Angela, and together, they cultivated a shared passion for extended getaways. Their pursuits encompassed weeks and weekends spent engaging in activities such as hiking, climbing munros, camping, and exploring the scenic landscapes of Scotland, notably the Lake District. Their adventurous spirit also extended to mountain biking and kayaking.

Upon relocating to Cyprus, Dave's fascination with diving led him to attain PADI qualifications up to the level of Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Simultaneously, his interest in history provided opportunities to delve into the history of Cyprus, with a particular focus on identifying and exploring abandoned villages from the turbulent periods of the 1960s and 1970s.

Regrettably, the constraints of his professional commitments restricted Dave to only experiencing a fraction of the countries he visited. Now, he aspires to embark on a journey to witness more of the world and fully immerse himself in diverse cultures and landscapes.

The genesis of Dave's ambition for an overland expedition can be traced back to a pivotal moment in 2006 when he was airborne in a helicopter, surveying the mesmerizing Skeleton Coast of Namibia en route to work on an offshore drill ship. It was during this flight that the idea crystallized: he wanted to return to Namibia and traverse the challenging terrain of the Skeleton Coast. It was at this juncture that Dave was bitten by the Overlanding bug.

In 2016, Dave's long-cherished dream of navigating Namibia and conquering the Skeleton Coast materialized into reality. This transformative experience reshaped his priorities in life and culminated in the creation of Polaris Overland.

For Dave, Overlanding offers a unique opportunity to amalgamate his love for adventure, Land Rover Defenders, camping, and extensive travel, making it a harmonious and fulfilling pursuit.


Angela hails originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, where she adeptly managed the responsibilities of raising three children while simultaneously fulfilling the role of an accomplished office administrator.

Upon meeting her partner Dave in Aberdeen, their shared affinity for the outdoors led them to embark on numerous extended summer sojourns in the Lake District and Scotland. These excursions often involved traversing mountains and Munros, fostering their mutual love for nature and adventure.

The course of Angela and Dave's lives shifted a decade ago when they relocated to Cyprus. Embracing the region's temperate climate and crystalline waters, Angela pursued her passion for diving, achieving the prestigious PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

Exploiting the island's diverse landscapes and cultural heritage, Angela and Dave have continued their explorations by navigating the rugged terrains and serene beaches in their trusted Land Rover Defender. Their journeys not only provide them with picturesque vistas but also grant them the opportunity to delve into Cyprus's rich tapestry of both ancient and contemporary history.

Though her earlier years did not afford extensive travel opportunities, Angela has cherished the moments she spent immersed in diverse lifestyles and cultures during her journeys.

Now, with her children having established their own independent lives, Angela finds herself at a juncture primed for global exploration, fresh challenges, and new adventures, all poised to contribute to a treasury of cherished memories.

Outside of her expeditions, Angela finds solace in the arts of sketching and photography, passions she has passionately cultivated over recent years. These creative outlets now serve as a means to eloquently document their overland odysseys, ensuring that their experiences are vividly preserved for posterity.

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