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Namibia Day 2 - Windhoek to Sesriem

We were glad to leave Windhoek City as not keen on the city. The day before shopping for supplies in the Pick and Pay we had been chased by women with new born babies wanting us to pay for their shopping and one guy had attempted to steal Dave's iphone from the thigh pocket on his combat trousers. For Dave who has been to Africa many times it was the norm but as this was Angela's first time in Africa it was a bit disappointing and unnerving for Angela however we put it behind us and look forward to Sesriem.

We leave the Arubbusch Lodge wanting to get away reasonably early with the plan that we try to get camped and set up early before it is dark or too late. This worked well throughout the whole trip.

Not far out of the city and baboons are sitting at the side of the road amazing, little baby baboon ran out on the road luckily we missed it (phew).

After a while the roads changed from tarmac to gravel all the way to Sesriem. Off roading on gravel roads that cover about 90% of Namibia begins (Dave in his element) and 230 kilometres of bumpy roads.

Baboons along the side of the road

On our journey to Sesriem we got the chance to see various animals, our favourite was the black back jackal.

The terrain travelling to Sesriem was varied from mountains and mountain passes to desert and we took the opportunity to pass through Remhoogte Pass which was both picturesque and fun on the gravel roads.

Lowering Tyre Pressures

Sandy dusty roads.

Nearest thing to a water hazard

Angela's chance to drive

Angela had enough of the driving.

Black Backed Jackal


We arrived at Sesriem at 2.30pm after a drive of approximately 6 hours.

We were allocated a spot at the campsite under a big tree for shade which was needed to get out of the sun and heat as it was hot hot.

After setting up camp we chilled with a cool beer in the bar and out of our fridge and watched Oryx wandering around us.

All followed by a tremendous sunset over the distant dunes.

Sesriem Camp Site

Oryx (Gemsbok) wander freely around the camp site

Dave preparing the bbq and fire pit

Campsite Sunset first night

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