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Namibia Day 4 - Sesriem to Swakopmund.

We left Sesriem early around 8.30am as we knew we had approximately 350km on unknown roads to drive to Swakopmund.

The journey from Sesriem to Walvis Bay the gravelly and sandy roads we had become accustomed to now followed through desert and rocky outcrops with the occasional dried river beds thrown in but were fun to drive.

Our route went though the town of Solitaire which is a small settlement in the Khomas Region of central Namibia near the Namib-Naukluft National Park. The town is situated at the junction of roads C14 (connecting Walvis Bay and Bethanie), and C24 (connecting Rehoboth and Sesriem), both of which are major routes through the Namib-Naukluft National Park.

With no other village for miles around, and the only place to get fuel between the dunes at Sesriem and the coast at Walvis Bay Solitaire is a common stop-over for fuel, repairs and food. We stopped for coffee and to stretch our legs.

Around the settlement are old derelict cars which are a great opportunity to investigate and photograph.

The car parking area has many ground squirrels burrowing and rushing around, amazing to watch them and again we got some great photos.

Along the long route the scenery changed from desert and mountains to flat and sandy as we got closer and closer to Walvis Bay. Sadly so the traffic also increased the closer we got to Walvis Bay. Gaub Canyon and Kuiseb Canyon had some amazing views.

Driving over the Tropic of Capricorn we stopped for the obligatory photos and as Angela had no knowledge of what the Tropic of Capricorn represented Dave explained all.

As we got nearer to Walvis Bay the weather seemed to take a turn for the worse and got colder and foggy. The drive from Walvis Bay to Swakopmund was therefore disappointing as the fog closed in and the traffic increased significantly on the now tar roads.

Arriving at Swakopmund at approximately 2.30pm where we stayed at the Desert Breeze Lodge .The Lodge is very new and very nice, with a small living room with fire and a chance to chill, relax and appreciate a warm clean walk in shower. The best part of the room though was the view from the bed. A large panoramic window and a picturesque view of golden sand dunes.

As we hadn't booked any activities we took a drive in Swakopmund to look around town get a bite to eat and buy a few presents / souvenirs.

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