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The Long Wait Is Finally Over

We don't know about anyone else but for Dave being without Wilson ( Land Rover Defender) and also the Trailer it feels like he is missing a child.

He has a feeling of emptiness or an itch he doesn't know how to scratch.

Angela will ask what he intends to do today and without the Land Rover or the Trailer to tweak, play, repair etc he is left struggling for a meaningful answer.

But today the wait is finally over!

After 6 weeks without both the Land Rover Defender and the Trailer we now have them both back and we are very happy with the results.

They went in to two different garages. The trailer for just a respray to match the Land Rover. The Land Rover for MOT, Bulkhead Issues, some small jobs Dave couldn't do himself and at the last minute to get a respray too.

As it is a Tomb Raider Defender it was resprayed the original colours of Bonatti Grey. The Trailer was originally military green but also is now Bonatti Grey to match Wilson

So now when Angela asks what Dave is doing today he can say I'm refitting, lights, reflectors, fittings, number plates etc and this will keep him busy for a few days and indefinitely. There is also new Flexible Solar panels to install, MPPT Controllers and some more work on weatherproofing everything.

Now I just hope it stays dry to let him get on with it.

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