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Time To Say Goodbye To Our Belongings

So the time has finally arrived for all our stuff we want to keep to be picked up for shipping to the UK.

After weeks of packing boxes and walking around boxes we can finally say good bye until we see it all again (hopefully) in March at Dave's house in Newtonhill.

As promised the guys arrived good and early and proceeded to load the 28 Cartons, Plastic Boxes and Luggage cases. It took them less than an hour which seemed a little upsetting considering the work that went into packing them.

But as they leave we know it is another milestone passed as we get ready to leave Cyprus to spend a year or so touring Turkey, Europe, Scandinavia and the UK. We are both excited and nervous and I'm sure that is only going to get more so the nearer the start date gets.

Thanks to the guys at TPC Express Cyprus and Cyprus Global Logistics we are relying on you to get our stuff to Aberdeen safe, sound and secure.

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