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We Are Homeless !

So we finally finished packing and clearing our things out of the house in Cyprus handed over the keys and headed to Larnaca Airport for our flight to the UK.

We are now homeless!

So to celebrate we enjoyed a couple of drinks before heading to board our plane to London for an overnight stop over and then up to the cold north of Aberdeen the following morning.

We have a few things we need to do whilst in the UK including receiving all our boxes (28) that have been shipped from Cyprus and that should have been with us by today (10th March).

But as is always the case with best laid plans the Limassol port was privatised creating strike action and delays for both incoming and outgoing shipping.

Latest update using Marine Traffic is the ship is passing through straights of Gibraltar and should hopefully arrive Felixstowe on the 13th. Then everything just needs to be delivered to Aberdeen before our cut off date which is the 23rd March when we fly out of here.

As we had to come to the UK we took the chance to get medical check ups and immunisations and Dave also completed his Offshore Survival re-certification just in case he decides to head offshore again in the next 4 years. Besides training and getting dunked underwater then rolled over to escape a ditched helicopter is always good fun.

We wanted to get our International Driving Permits whilst here so a trip to the post office was in order. Whilst not strictly necessary for this trip as they are not required in Europe and Turkey will generally accept the UK Photo Licence we decided at £5.50 each it was worth the added cost to get a little more peace of mind if we meet some over officious police officer.

Travel Insurance was the next on the list and after asking a lot of experienced Overlanders' on forums and directly their experiences and advice we decided to go with World Nomads. Certainly not the cheapest but again we wanted peace of mind that if we need it we have it available.

Before we had left Cyprus we had arranged to get the Logo printed so we would have some logos on Wilson the Landy and on the Trailer with some additional stickers we could hand out / swap with other Overlanders or Clubs.

The quality is excellent and we look forward to getting them mounted and of course pictures will follow.

Thank you to Alex Gemmie Angela's sons girlfriend for her hard work designing the logos and arranging to have them printed.

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