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Namibia Day 13 - Waterberg NP

We managed to get a bit of a long lie as we were spending another day and night at Waterberg NP and would be spending the day at the camp grounds before a mid afternoon safari up onto the Waterberg Plateau.

This plateau can only be accessed by official tour operators and you are not able to drive up yourself so you have no choice but to pay for the trip if you want to go up there.

We were awake in time to watch baboons running around the campsite stealing what they could and very funny to watch.

A couple of campers from South Africa had their cheese and butter stolen by the baboons. Because we had heard the warnings we had ensured all our food etc was locked and secure before we went to bed the night before. You would have thought being South African they might have been better prepared but no they were caught out by the cunning of the baboons. As one baboon distracts you at the front others are in at the back stealing what they can.The Baboons weren’t scared even when the South Africans shouted or threw stones at them just screaming back with their vicious teeth bared and never moving far. they were soon back to try their luck again though.

The 4 hour safari drive over the plateau was planned for 2pm, so decided to go for a walk on some of the routes around the grounds enjoying a leisurely walk which after the 2 weeks of travel was a welcome chance to chill and take things a little easier.

We also went back to the German Graveyard to walk around read some of the grave stones and take the opportunity to sign the visitors book. A solemn place set in beautiful scenery but sad to see as seems to be the case in war that the killed are often far too young.

The trip up to the plateau was enjoyable but did not feel like you were on a plateau behind and high above the camp site. It was like a forgotten land being very lush. The natural geology of the plateau like a table mountain means there is no need for fences except for one side as the steep plateau walls stop any animals from escaping. Rhinos and other animals have been introduced as a means of conservation.

We saw Sable, Oryx, Roan Antelope, Rock Dassies, Hartbeest, Kudu, Warthogs, Baboons, Black Backed Jackels, Clip Springer, Dik Dik, Eland, Lichtenstein Hartebeest.

As the day went on it got cold up there sitting in the open air car we needed a blanket and a hot shower to warm the bones.

For evening meal we were again using up what we had left so pasta, onions, sausages and cheese sauce. Our South African neighbours made camp bread so gave us some with home made jam. it was very nice food of the gods which just finished off the meal nicely and all washed down with beer and wine.

After we headed to bed we were visited by gusting wind that you could hear coming as trees and bush swayed loudly before the tent would suddenly start flapping like mad until the gust finished and back to calm and silence.

At one point Dave thought it was Baboons shaking the tent and not the wind.

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