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Namibia May 2016

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

.Click on the route graphic and Google Maps will open in a new tab allowing you to zoom into areas we visited and see more details about our route

This trip was set up and arranged by a third party with all bookings completed in advance however it is very easy to plan a trip like this yourself arranging the vehicle and the accommodation just by going online and we have added the links at the bottom of this trip report to assist you.

Route information including distances, approximate travel times based on the roads and information on overnight stops including hyperlinks for booking as per above is available as an excel download here.

Further more there is a kmz download available with route information, just contact us with any questions and for any links which we can happily send it to you.

Car Rental was from Asco Car Hire in Windhoek.​​​​​​

They arrange pick up from the airport and drop off on return. The service we received was excellent. When you collect the car you watch a short safety video regarding driving in Namibia and particularly the gravel roads.

You then go through all paperwork and then you get to see how all equipment supplied with your vehicle operates and a few tips from the staff.

Accommodation was mostly booked through the Namibia Wildlife Resorts,NWR, a government organisation and part of the tourism initiative. The campsites were reasonable standard varying from excellent facilities to drop toilets etc.

There are other campsites out with NWR that can be booked by yourselves easily just by searching online or in some cases we had people just turn up on spec to camp.

There are plenty alternatives for wild camping particularly in the north of Namibia.

Feel free to utilise any of the information as you require or if you have any questions and would like the full downloads of our trip then please do not hesitate contact us.

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