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  • Dave

Corvid-19 Uncertain Times For Overlanders

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Like many we have watched the Coronavirus Pandemic spread throughout the world. Overlanders everywhere are either abandoning their vehicles overseas and heading home or looking to lie up, isolate and ride out these unprecedented times.

I personally believe things have the potential to get much worse before they improve and we emerge from the other side. There are posts of foreigners being abused and made unwelcome. In poorer countries with limited medical facilities and an already underfunded police force the risk of social unrest is a definite possibility.

Throughout Social Media there are requests for help and support for these stranded Overlanders, many requesting a Safe Haven, Secure Parking for their vehicles or just moral support with other Overlanders experiencing the same difficulties.

Trying to co-ordinate any kind of response is difficult as the information is spread across numerous platforms and media. With this in mind Overland Bound who have a worldwide membership of over 25K members and to their huge credit have created a Support Alert feature on their Web Map where anyone can place an icon on their position with a request for support whether that be a safe haven, secure parking, up to date border information or just a shout out to other Overlanders in the same area.

You do not have to be a member of Overland Bound to access this feature and by adding your alert you will automatically show on the map and a forum thread will be created where the over 25K membership can see you and respond. It may well be a member is not local to you but as Overlanders we all have a huge external network of friends and contacts and these contacts can also be called on to help and support.

So my request to everyone is to share the link by either clicking on the picture above which will take you direct to create a support alert or copying and sharing this link and let us all come together to help out our community and the Overlanders currently in very unknown territory trying their best to get through the crisis safely.

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