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Bushpig Braai Review And Why We Use It.

Updated: Jan 21

Cooking on our Bushpig on a recent trip in Scotland

At first glance the Bushpig Braai seems big, bulky and taking up way too much space to be practical and for a long time we felt exactly the same.

A number of our friends had recommended them but the sheer bulk put us off and we persevered with the flat pack style which although small and initially seem like a space saver would sometimes come apart in the middle of cooking to the point I had to fabricate a better fixing system.

After getting the van we had a little more space to play with and we finally gave in and ordered the Bushpig. We ordered direct online but when it arrived the Bushpig was damaged caused by the courier dropping it on the corners. I contacted the supplier and with no quibble a replacement was sent out with a new bag as they suspected correctly that it had probably been damaged also. 10 out of 10 for customer service.

Our Long Served Flat Pack BBQ

So why did we change, what apart from a little more space made us take the step. When considering the Braai and alternatives its easy to only consider the unit itself.

Everything That Packs in The Bushpig

But what about the charcoal, the firelighters, the cooking tools and utensils. All of these items pack into our Bushpig as well as our small cast iron pan and if only going away for a few days you can carry enough of everything in the Bushpig so no additional storage is needed.

Everything Packed Ready To Go In The Bag

This is not the case with the flat pack BBQ. After giving yourself a pat on the back for how much space you have saved thanks to your fiddly meccano BBQ you have you now need to find space for charcoal and all the other items needed to be able to enjoy a BBQ on your travels.

Ready To Be Loaded Up.

Finally once your BBQ is complete the Bushpig now easily becomes your raised fire pit for the evening.

Enjoying a roaring fire in the Bushpig.

But at the end of the evening you now have a hot BBQ to deal with. With the Bushpig just fit the lid and leave it overnight to cool. The lid fits securely starving the coals of air and you can go to bed with the comfort of knowing your won't be setting anyone or anything else on fire.

And in the morning if you have no where to dispose of the now cold coals simply fit the Bushpig in its storage and take them home to dispose of correctly.

None of which is so easy to do with your flat pack BBQ.

Finally for clarification this review is our own and has not been bought or paid for in cash or kind.

It's based on our opinions and is shared to allow other overlanders / travelers to make considered decisions with as much information as possible.

Anyone interested in finding out more can follow the below link

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