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Changes Are Afoot!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Since coming back both of us have struggled to settle, more so for Dave who struggles to get a full nights sleep.

This is something that we were unaware would be an issue however since speaking to a number of long trip overlanders we have found this to actually be quite common.

We have taken the opportunity to visit family whilst here and loved meeting up with all our kids and grandkids, spending time with all of them. When we can and we have headed out enjoying the local scenery here near Aberdeen.

As part of our decision for returning before Christmas we had decided to change our set up. So on our way north to Aberdeen we visited a couple of suppliers to see their equipment and check it all out.

The next trip we are planning for is Mongolia later this year specifically to make the Nadaam Festival in July. This will involve travelling across Europe and Turkey, the Stans, Russia and ultimately Russia before Mongolia. Return is still in planning either driving back, shipping back from Singapore to UK or shipping to Australia and spending up to a year exploring there.

But for this trip we decided to not take Lara and to consolidate everything into Wilson. This will make route choices easier, wild camping easier without the concern of how to get back out with the trailer and ferries, shipping, border crossings and insurance cheaper. Plus fuel costs will be reduced.

We had considered upgrading to a 110 but current pricing is silly, history and reliability on any new Land Rover will be “suspect” and whilst Wilson is “only” a 90 we have found people travelling with less.

Additionally after 8 months on the road in 2017 we realised we had taken 4 times more kit than we needed and within weeks of leaving were already stripping down what we were carrying.

So our new plan is as follows:- a hard shell roof tent on Wilson. Fit out the rear professionally to utilise maximum storage and in an emergency sleep inside. On top of this we will have side boxes for additional storage and a Webasto heater for the really cold nights.

Our choice of tent, the Tuff-Trek Overland Series fits our new needs, specifically we wanted speed of setting up and putting down and it is one of the few hard shells that comes with an annexe. Its is an Aluminium shell so we can mount our solar panel and Maxtrax sand ladders on the roof.

Our previous Hannibal on the trailer was very comfortable and weatherproof. We have no complaints except set up was about 20 minutes and take down a little longer.

Doing this daily is a chore and even more so if you want to head off daily to explore.

The tent we have now fitted, Dave has stripped out the rear of Wilson and we will drop Wilson off with Errol at Coastline Campers in February for fitting out.

Lara has been sold going to a lovely guy with another Tomb Raider as has the Oztent and the ARB fridge.

All funds going towards financing the new upgrades.

Right now we are still trying to arrange visas which is both a logistical nightmare ensuring you are in a location to collect your visa and a planning nightmare to ensure you do not apply too soon in advance but still making sure you will be able to complete your trip. The vehicle carnet de passage has been applied for. So subject to visas Mongolia Raid 2018 is one.

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