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Mongolia Raid 2018 Trip Report

Mongolia Raid 2018 in Numbers

  • Start Date:- 26th April 2018

  • End Date:- 2nd September 2018 (Dave returned home 12th November 2018)

  • Miles travelled:- 24,093

  • Days on the road:- 129 days (Dave Total 200 days)

  • Months on the road:- 4 months 7 days (Dave Total 6 months 17 days).

  • Countries visited:- 24 Scotland, England, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia,Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Nederlands.

  • Continents visited:- 2 Europe and Asia

  • Ferries taken:- 2 (Dover to Calais and Ijmuiden to Newcastle).

  • Average mpg:- 25.47mpg

  • Total Expenditure:- £ 10,434.87


Personal Insurance Travel Insurance £1183.80

Russia Visa Fees £882.70

Flights £1515.40 (includes Dave's flights to follow Angela and return to pick up Wilson)

Ferries £268.25 (includes Dave's return ferry)

Fuel £1827.76 up until 2nd September 2018


Costs are based on the following:-

On the 2nd of September just after finishing the Pamir Highway Angela started to suffer abdominal pain that ultimately resulted in emergency life saving surgery in Uzbekistan and as a result all general costs are based up until the 2nd of September.

After surgery and once Angela was able to fly she was flown home with medical support and Dave followed a few days later to ensure Angela was secure and supported at home before flying back to pick up Wilson and drive from Almaty in Kazakhstan to home alone.

More details can be found here:-


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