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The Big Trip 2017

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The Big Trip 2017 in Numbers

  • Start Date:- 3rd April 2017

  • End Date:- 3rd December 2017

  • Miles travelled:- 23,096

  • Days on the road:- 244

  • Months on the road:- 8

  • Countries visited:- 27 #(28) Cyprus, Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia / Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, #Catalonia,Morocco, Portugal, England and Scotland.

  • Continents visited:- 3 Europe, Asia and Africa

  • Ferries taken:- 11

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to Turkey, Greece to Crete Return, ##Estonia to Finland Return x 2, Norway to Denmark, Spain to Morocco Return and Spain to England.

  • Average mpg:- 22.67

  • Total Expenditure:- £23,948.09

# Catalonia added as a country on a technicality due to it declaring itself independent whilst we were there.

## Estonia to Finland Return x 2 due to leaking transfer gearbox which we needed to return to Estonia to get repaired.


With regards the total expendture a couple of things should be noted:-

Major vehicle repairs:-

  1. New Intercooler in Turkey.

  2. Head Gasket replaced in Greece requiring a rental car on top of repairs.

  3. A continual nuisance of a transfer gearbox leak that in total had the gearbox removed 3 times and required an additional return ferry crossing from Estonia to Finland.

Robbed in Spain:- Near Barcelona Angela had her handbag robbed after we pulled over on the Toll Road. Although no money was taken we did lose both our passports, Angela's driving licence and a few other items. In order to continue our trip we had to pay for:-

  1. Emergency passports,

  2. Fly back to the UK,

  3. Pay for new passports,

  4. Car hire

  5. 10 days stopping in the UK

  6. Fly back to Spain.


Without these exceptional costs we would have been closer to our planned budget for a 12 month trip based on a predominantly European trip.

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